Privacy policy


At Bolton Hockey Club we are committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with our Data Protection Policy.

This notice explains how we may use personal information collected before, during and after your relationship with us in order to comply with the law on data protection and what your rights are as a member and/or volunteer.

Our underlying principal is to only collect, process and share the minimum of data needed to run the club safely and effectively, and to keep electronic communication to a minimum. We don’t want to spam you – we’d all rather be playing hockey!

References to we, our or us in this privacy notice are to Bolton Hockey Club which is designated as the Data Controller. Our Data Protection Officer (email address dataprotection@boltonhockeyclub.co.uk) oversees our compliance with data protection laws.

Please click here to access our Detailed Privacy Policy.

Data policy


The GDPR regulations introduce three principles of data processing

• minimum amount of data for the purpose, kept for no longer than needed
• only to be used for the purpose for which it was collected
• shared with no more people than needed

The following count as personal data (when attached to information identifying an individual either directly or indirectly):

- Address
- Phone numbers
- Date of birth
- Email address
- Medical details
- Next of kin and their contact details
- Bank details
- Photographs and videos

Medical data is classified as special personal data and sharing of this is done strictly according to need. In the context of the regulations, processing means storing, sharing, or using data. In order for the Club to operate, contact details (age in some cases) and Next of Kin (NOK) details are shared widely with

- Captains
- Vice captains
- Coaches
- Managers

Loss of personal data, including leaving a team-list with contact or medical details in a public place is a data breach. Under GDPR data breaches should be reported to the ICO, and they have the power to fine the Club.

By its very nature, a sports club encourages socialising and new social contacts. This data protection policy is not intended to stop members or volunteers making new friends or contacting them!

For more details please read our Data Protection Policy


Photographs are personal data, and as such the Club has a duty to ensure that any individual whose photo is shown on the Club’s website and/or social media profiles has given consent to have their image placed in the public domain. This is especially important for junior members, where additional safeguarding concerns may cause parents/guardians to refuse to share their child’s image publicly, especially in club kit or in identifying environments.

Team photographs and celebration of achievements are great ways to promote the Club, but the Club must still comply with the law and not share images publicly without ensuring that all involved give consent.

All those who post to social media and the club website on behalf of the club must follow the England Hockey’s Guidance for Taking and Using Photographic and Recorded Images of Young People.

The Club asks for photo permission and consent during member registration and coaches/captains who have a team member who has NOT given permission will be informed at the start of the season. Players and parents of players can take photographs for their own personal use but should gain consent of those in the photograph before publishing on social media.

Check out our full Photography and Filming Consent guidance

Terms and Conditions


At Bolton Hockey Club we define a club members as "any person who identifies with and has an invested interest in Bolton HC".

OUR VISION: Continually develop and grow as a hockey club to provide equal and fair playing opportunities for all in a social, welcoming and friendly environment.

OUR USP: We are a family friendly, social club that puts friendship and fair opportunities at the heart of what we do

It is our aim at Bolton Hockey Club to make playing hockey a fun, rewarding, engaging and safe experience for all. Therefore we have the following policies that we expect all individuals associated with the club to follow:
- England Hockey Equality Policy
- Club Code of Conduct & Behaviours
- Club Codes of Conduct & Behavious (per role)